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I was lucky enough to do a Workaway here last year. Lucy is one of the most dedicated and compassionate human beings I’ve met and does an amazing job at running this much needed charity. 


As a result of her dedication the charity has expanded a lot!! If you are an animal lover and get the chance to volunteer here, definitely join this incredible project. I highly recommend Lucy as a host. Thanks for everything.


Volunteering for Lucy was an amazing experience. The sanctuary she created is awesome and inspiring! Working there felt like therapy to me: you have to accept that you will get really dirty and scratched by the pure and rough love of almost 100 dogs and 20 cats. 


It felt so satisfying getting to know each of them and their backgrounds that help you to understand the behavior of each of them. Also the environment where we stay is just perfect and people (and dogs) surrounding you are incredible. It was so hard to leave this lovely place that reached my heart so quickly.

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I stayed with Lucy for 5 weeks, and had an excellent time. Lucy is an excellent host and I enjoyed my time here. 


The work activities are very rewarding and enjoyable, and got to meet some very interesting people. 


There is plenty of opportunity to go out and explore the local areas and there is an excellent beach not far either.


 I would strongly recommend a visit here, and would highly recommend Lucy as a host”


One of the best workaway experiences so far! It was so difficult for me to leave this place, I wish I would have been able to stay longer, much longer indeed. 


The animals, THE DOOOOOOGS, Lucy, and the rest of the volunteers were all genuine beautiful souls. This place makes you fall in love with ease, so be careful. It is a really well organized place as well, the tasks are clear as well the schedules and you will also be able to propose ideas which are awesome. All this despite difficulties, the quantity of animals and the lack of space you might feel (not my case).


Lucy does a great job as host, she’s always open to talk, to give advice and to hear what you might need to say. She has a quite strong presence mixed with a grandmother’s soft heart


This was my first workaway experience that I loved from the first sight. My first impression when I met Lucy was that she speaks Arabic and that she is very busy doing what she has to do to help dogs and cats which I loved for sure.


It was my first experience with dogs ever and it changed my opinion about them forever. I highly recommend you to join this project and help those beautiful animals that will touch your heart in a matter of seconds.


Expect a wonderful journey with Lucy full of adventures that you will tell your grandchildren one day

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Lucy and her space created something so special for my friend and I. We got to see a different side of the world, and had to work hard for it. Lucy is a warrior and her love for animals and mission is inspiring.



I’ll never forget seeing how over 20 dogs responded so well to her (as they do for people that generate beautiful energy into the world). 


Thank you Lucy for an amazing experience I couldn’t get anywhere else. We will see each other again, and I cannot wait to see how far this organization goes


Lucy is not only an amazing friend, person and leader of this organisation, but she is also the best friend of the dogs and cats in her care. She has so much compassion and care for the animals and is such an inspiration.


I loved staying with Lucy so much that I have returned since my first visit and will be travelling back to Morocco to volunteer over Christmas. If you love animals, especially dogs, then this is the perfect workaway for you. 


Be prepared for hikes up the mountains, early starts and lots of poop. But the latter doesn’t really matter when you’re returned with endless cuddles from the cats and dogs. So if you’re keen to meet amazing people, amazing animals and come away with a nothing but positive experience from a workaway, this is the place for you.

Shehmeen & Mohsin

Lucy and the beautiful space she’s created with all the wonderful animals is phenomenal!


We had the best time here. The animals even with tough backing stories are so loveable and sweet, you just can’t get enough of them. We had a really tough time saying goodbye to all those faces.


Going on walks with the dogs daily is a delight as they’re so eager and you can just sense their excitement. Lucy really cares about what she does and is always considering how to make nutritious meals for the animals, how to better their lives and in her downtime is always giving love to them.


There is also a very sweet and precious girl that comes by daily who I swear is a dog whisperer in training. Khadija was a delight! We started walking the dogs together and she made the experience that much more with her contagious laugh. I wish you all the best Lucy, you crazy amazing lady! Love you and miss you and the whole family.

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It is both a blessing and a curse that New Zealand is so far from Morocco else I would have adopted at least four of the animals I bonded with during my stay here.


Lucy is an incredible human to the animals and also the volunteers and helped to provide a valuable and inspirational experience for me.


I appreciated my time spent here and only hope I helped in ways other than donating my footwear as chew-toys


Oh my God! Freaking Heaven for me! The dogs and cats are amazing! Despite all their harsh past or current issues they are happy, lovely and full of joy.  I was expecting sick and wild street animals and I found a pack of beautiful, clever and adorable furballs. Kittens and puppies and licks and love and play and all the good stuff…If it’s not enough Lucy is an amazing host.


Nice and easy going. She was cool with anything as far as the tasks were done and the dogs were happy. It was great to see that she really keeps their preferences in mind all the time. I got support if I needed anything and I had a perfect balance of company and alone time.


The kitchen was always full and after some other places in Morocco I really enjoyed the luxury of such things as drinkable tap water, electricity, wifi and a person with whom I could have a proper conversation in english.


The work at one hand is a dream: walking dogs and keeping them happy. No hard work, no extra hours (Lucy always made sure that I don’t work too much) On the other hand you work with living creatures and I hope it means a bigger responsibility for everyone. Not just the dogs but there are always some kids on the streets or a herd of goats in the mountains and you are the one in charge. So get ready for some adventures too. All in all this is one of the best places I found on workaway. For real.


If you love animals it’s Paradise. Lucy, you have my undying gratitude for taking care of my new friends and all the others.

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