How you can help

Our animals need help.

Every year we care for hundreds of animals. Some stay with us for a few days or weeks, others stay with us for years. Some never leave us.


But no matter how long they stay with us, we need to pay for their:

✔️ Shelter
✔️ Food
✔️ Flea/tick & worm treatment
✔️ Vaccinations


On top of the necessities, others have more complex needs such as:

✔️ Medication to support lifelong diseases
✔️ Ongoing veterinary support
✔️ Behavioural training
✔️ Physiotherapy or mobility transport such as wheelchairs


All of these needs are covered mostly by our amazing community of donors –> You.


It’s you who feeds our animals, enables us to offer them the vet care that they need and rescue more animals in the area.

Without government funding, your support matters so much more.

If you could help us with a donation–a one-time one or a monthly recurring one–we’d so appreciate it.


Here’s an idea of how much some of the most common needs costs:


5 eur = hay stack

10 eur = puppy vaccination

20 eur = bag of dog food
50 eur = full vaccination
70 eur = cat sterilisation
110 eur = dog sterilisation
200 eur = titer blood test
330 eur = food over 500 animals for a day


Make a one time donation.

Personal Info

Donation Total: €25,00 you can help them too!

Visit Us

Passing by our shelter in the Taghazout region? Let’s stop by our sanctuary and give some cuddles to our lovely animals. We will be glad to do a private tour, just for you.

Hike With Us

You liked your surf and yoga retreat in Taghazout? What aboyt a hike in the breathtaking Assersif’s mountains with a bunch of dogs? You won’t forget it anytime soon.

give equipment morocco animal aid
Equipement Donation

Visiting Taghazout with some space in your luggage? Let’s bring us some equipment. Leash, collars, medicine, gears,… Everything is so welcome, we are craving for equipment.

flight volunteer morocco animal aid
Flight Volunteer

Travelling from Agadir or Marrakech? We have to send adopted animals to their new home all over the world. Can you accompany one of them? That’s free and it really help!

foster home morocco animal aid

Our animals need a quiet home with lovely humans after a surgery for a quick recovery. No worries, it’s short term. With more than 120 animals, we lack calm spaces for recovery.


Here you can meet our Morocco Animal Aid fur family, learn all about them & who knows? You may just fall in love. Did you know that adopting a moroccan dog is easy?


You can help support us by sponsoring one (or as many as you like) of our animals. You are giving our animals one of the best gifts: A second chance in life.

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Become a volunteer.

If you are here for a few weeks or even a few years,

we could do with your help and time. 


We have tasks in all areas doing all sorts of tasks, 

but the real beneficiaries will be the animals.