Mektub Shelter

Mektub shelter

There are hundreds of animals, potentially thousands living in remote areas where there is no one to keep a watchful eye on them. 


The purpose of Mektub Shelter  is to provide a space for animals throughout Morocco who need respite & recovery. 


There are some wonderful sanctuaries doing wonderful things all over Morocco. But nothing substantial in the Southern regions. 


We have a shelter. But we need a bigger one. One for all the animals we have not seen yet, who suffer in silence & solitude because we haven’t had the space to be able host them or the resources to be able to help them. 


For the donkey who needs a stable. For the dog who is isolated in the back of our truck because our isolation areas are full. For the kittens with no mum, who need to be warm & fed every few hours. Mektub is for them. Mektub is for Morocco.