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Why work for MAA?

The animals at Morocco Animal Aid are our patients. We have a duty of care to ensure that they are safe, healthy & happy. 


You will be contributing to help create a shift towards a safer, healthier, happier future for the animals of Morocco. We are a family here. But we work hard. Really hard.


The work is smelly, noisy, dirty & physical. But the reward will always outweigh the sacrifice. We are here for them. You are making a difference. 

Meet the team

Our team of Homedogs & Kitty Crew range from our Site Managers managing the shelter on the ground, to the Operations team who keep the wheels turning in the background.


We are nothing without the some of our parts


We believe in change. We believe that we can make a difference.


We are Morocco Animal Aid!

first aid matters

What volunteering means.

Morocco Animal Aid is run entirely by volunteers. Our volunteers come from all over the globe & are from all walks of life. Without our volunteers, our shelter does not run.


Our volunteer schedule is never the same. Some weeks we are overflowing with volunteers. Other weeks we really struggle. Whichever the scenario, we need to ensure that we are adequately covered to be able to meet the needs of the animals at the shelter. 


Daily tasks at the shelter include:


🐾 Cleaning: Poop scoop, rubbish collection, general sanitation of the shelter.

🐾 Walking/Hiking: The dogs are walked for a minimum 90 mins at a time on a rotating roster.


🐾 Animal Training: Training walks, to aid socialisation or to assist rehabilitation.


🐾 Staff Training: New volunteer inductions & patient care training.


🐾 Medical Treatment: Administering specialised treatments to animals when required.


🐾 Projects: Other initiatives, such as building, administration etc.

Volunteering with Morocco Animal Aid is unlike any other volunteer experience. Is it hard work? Absolutely! Is it at times overwhelming? You bet. 

We are a small, hardworking team & while we encourage a fun & exciting experience, volunteers are expected to give 100% at all times. The success & future of MAA lies in the commitment, enthusiasm & dedication of our volunteers. 

We are trying to create & sustain significant change towards the health & treatment of animals in Morocco & are looking for volunteers who wholeheartedly believe & support the change we are working hard to create. 


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