The coyotes

The Coyotes

The Coyotes are a Canada based team of ladies who help the animals of Morocco & Morocco Animal Aid find new homes in Canada. 

Our partnership with The Coyotes has changed the future for Morocco Animal Aid in momentous ways.

Previously we had only our social media and word fo mouth to share our stories & find our animals homes.

Now we have a whole team dedicated to this in Canada.

The Coyotes are our link to rescues all over Northern America who make space for our animals & commit to finding them safe & loving homes

They are also a fundraising force to be reckoned with. You name it, they have done it. At any given day or time they are also our very good friends, rescue family & confidants when we need support or a shoulder to cry on.

Our successes are very much indebted to this incredible group of women

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