How we help


Below are the types of emergencies we encounter on a daily basis:


• Animals involved in road traffic accidents.

• Animals involved in street disturbances with other animals & require urgent medical attention.

• Animals displaying unsociable or dangerous behaviours towards other animals or humans.

• Animals displaying the signs of infection or disease.



The average cost of veterinary treatments lie around $250.00 for emergency surgeries like amputations and FHO – Femoral Head Osteotomy etc



Emergency morocco animal aid


Preventing the spread of disease is just as important as taking in sick, injured or vulnerable animals.

We provide vaccinations to street animals to reduce the risk of spreading potentially fatal diseases such as Rabies to other animals or to humans.


Vaccinating street animals in their territory ensures that the animals that inhabit each territory are safe & disease free.

These animals then protect the territory from other street animals who are not vaccinated which could be potentially unhealthy or dangerous..

Vaccinations morocco animal aid


There are over 3 million strays in Morocco.

With no government funded neutering programme currently in place, the population continues to expand. Neutering street animals is a safe, effective, tried & tested method to control overpopulation. Neutering also significantly reduces the risk of disease spreading & the development of other potentially life threatening conditions, such as sexually transmitted cancers, from occuring.


Neutering in conjunction with vaccinations ensures that the street animal population is safe, healthy & protected.


Animals who have been vaccinated & neutered can be identified by a tag on their ears

Neutering morocco animal aid

General welfare

The unfortunate reality of our cause, is that as much as we would like to be able to take every sick stray animal from the street, we are unable to take them all.


We provide medical assistance to street animals who may require emergency assistance, medication or long term care. Treating animals, that are not emergencies on the street, frees up valuable space in our shelter for us to be able to take on more emergencies. We work with local businesses, individuals & other community projects to be able to provide them with the tools & education to be able to care for animals in & around their local areas. 

General welfare Morocco animal aid
MAA is expanding

Our Initiatives

the biggest shelter project in morocco

Mektub Shelter

The purpose of Mektub Shelter  is to provide a space for animals throughout Morocco who need respite & recovery.


Our neutering and vaccinating program

Nomad Dogs

NoMad Dogs is a community neutering and vaccinating program run by Morocco Animal Aid.

international collaboration

Canada Partnership

The Coyotes are a Canada based team of ladies who help the animals of Morocco & Morocco Animal Aid find new homes in Canada. 


Our partnership with The Coyotes has changed the future for Morocco Animal Aid in momentous ways.

canada shelter partnership