NoMad dogs

NoMad dogs

NoMad Dogs is a community TNVR program run by Morocco Animal Aid. TNVR stands for : 



• Trap: Catch & safely contain the animal

• Neuter: Sterilisation

• Vaccinate: Vaccinate the animal against disease

• Release: Release the animal back onto their territory



TNVR programmes endeavour to safely manage the spread of potentially harmful disease such as Rabies & effectively control overpopulation. 


Such initiatives have proven success in other countries with similar stray epidemics such as Asia. 


NoMad Dogs targets a specific territory, secures a location & resources over a period of a few days with the aim of treating as many street animals as possible. 

The animals are then given food, shelter & aftercare to assist their recovery before being released back to their territory.

Our pilot programme Im’sone Project, supporting areas in & around Imsouane, was a success with over 300 street animals successfully treated through the

Femoral Head Osteotomy etc