Meet the team

Lucy Austin

Position: Founder/Partner | Nationality: Australian

What inspired you to start MAA?


It was not necessarily a desire for myself rather there was a desperate need for something to change in the area I was living in. There were 3 dogs living outside my house here that were sick/injured & I wanted to help them.


I didn’t have the money to cover their costs. I shared what I knew about the animals & their stories on social media & people donated money to help cover their costs.


I then realised there was an opportunity to help other street animals in the area. It just grew from there.


People started coming to me for help when they saw a sick or injured animal. It started out in my house until a new space was needed to meet the needs of how many animals we were receiving.


3 houses later & we are now in a house in Assersif where have over 120 dogs & 30 cats. We are growing every day. 


What drives you?


I want MAA to be an organisation that creates something that has a long lasting effect on the welfare of animals in Morocco. I know that this one thing will affect the country as a whole, its humans, the environment and the culture inclusively. 


Its a project of society and the greatness of what could become from its success is paramount.

 For you, what does MAA’s future look like?


Growing MAA to being an organism that exists without me. I know that when I can step out and let others take the project to new levels, that I have achieved my goal. It was never about me. It taught me who I am and what I am capable of, and I have never been happier. But I don’t want it to be my life. I want to see people with new ideas, different strengths, better skills take over and take it far beyond where I could have ever imagined it.

Fanny Belle

Position: Founder/Partner | Nationality: French

What inspired you to start MAA?



The strays in Morocco certainly weren’t the first ones I bumped into in my life but that time, these ones, lit a fire in my heart.


The discrepancy between their pure sweetness and the absolute precariousness of their situation urged me to take action. 




What drives you?



 We can’t save them all and it often feels heavy to imagine the amount of suffering among the animals in this country, but, for the ones lucky enough to cross our path, their lives drastically change for the better and this reward is addictive. 


The feeling you get at the end overcome the hardships of the process and makes you unable to stop. 


In other words, It’s like being on a journey to climb 1000 stairs. Each time you lift a foot it might be painful but once you do you are elevated and closer to your end goal. 


If your end goal is worth it, you will never stop going no matter how challenging the ascension might be.

fanny belle morocco animal aid

For you, what does MAA’s future look like?


I envision structures giving comprehensive and effective solutions to each problem encountered. Qualified staff, motivated volunteers, functioning hospital, organised shelter, cute café and beautiful shop for our merch and more. I envision a growing association without a proper end as it will evolve accordingly with the needs of the area/country. One step at the time, one step closer.

Megan Bannon

Position: Business Manager | Nationality: Australian

What brought you to MAA?


I was working in Banking/Financial Services in London for some time. I had always enjoyed my job, but at some point a shift happened where I felt as though my job wasn’t fulfilling me on an emotional level.



I had wanted to volunteer with animals for a long time, so I had started looking up volunteer opportunities with animals abroad & found Morocco Animal Aid. They had advertised a Business Manager role. I applied for a position & here I am.

Tell us about your experience? 


 My experience with MAA has been surreal. Being able to come into an project that is in the process of growing & expanding has been challenging & rewarding on so many levels.



We try new things, we make mistakes & we learn. Everyday is different. Getting to be a part of it all is something I’m grateful for.

megan bannon morocco animal aid

What drives you? 


The wins. No matter how big or small or how long it takes us to get there. Whether that be having enough volunteers to keep the wheels turning or having one of our animals being adopted to their furever home. The wins mean that were one step closer to achieving our goals. Knowing you’re contributing to something so important means so much.

Millie Dinkel

Position: Site Manager | Nationality: American

What brought you to MAA?


I found MAA on volunteer site Workaway, and it immediately attracted my attention. I had graduated college and was looking for a way to travel and work with animals. After reading about MAA, I knew it was a place I could help make a difference.



Tell us about your experience? 


 When I arrived at MAA, I fell in love. My desire to help these animals grew more and more everyday. Being a part of the healing process with sick and injured animals, earning the trust of our more weary dogs and cats, and getting to know their individual personalities has made MAA a home for me. The volunteers and people involved in MAA have formed an amazing community which I truly love being a part of. MAA not only provides a home for animals in need, it has provided a home for me as well.


What drives you? 


In the future, I hope to see MAA grow into a well-known and fully resourced organization with a steady income stream, so we can provide the food, medical care, and other necessities our animals rely on us for.

Oli Hazell

Position: Site Manager | Nationality: British

What brought you to MAA?


I came to MAA through volunteer site Workaway looking for a short break from my skating trip. 9 months later I am still here & have no desire to leave anytime soon. MAA is my home.



Tell us about your experience? 


 I can’t really describe my time here at MAA. It’s just special. I just love being a part of everything that is MAA. From picking up poo, to walking the dogs in the mountains, to sending dogs off to their forever homes. Each experience is as awesome as the last.

What drives you? 


I’d love to see MAA expand as a charity, with steady income sources so that we don’t have to rely solely on donations. For us to be so overflowing with volunteers so we have enough resources to be out and about saving lives, running our TNVR programmes & developing MAA as an organisation. Most of all I want to be there to see it all happening!