Become a foster parent today

Why foster?

Do you have a lot of love to give? Love animals but can’t commit to having a full time pet? Fostering is a great way for you to be able to fulfil these needs, whilst helping free up valuable space in our shelter for sick, injured or vulnerable animals & helping to prepare our animals for their future furever homes. 


By fostering one of our animals, you are agreeing to take our animal into your home on a temporary basis & care for them, until they are well enough to be released back to the shelter or are adopted. 


Animals that are available for fostering, are fostered for a variety of different reasons:


• Illness:
They may be sick or injured & need a quiet safe space to rest & recover.


• Behavioral problems:
To aid socialisation or to assist the animal to transition from the shelter to a domestic environment.


• Space:
The shelter may be at capacity, & by offering your home as a temporary space, you are freeing up space & resources at the shelter.

Wish to foster? Do you meet the following requirements?

If so we would love to hear from you


🐾  At least 21 years old

🐾  Live within an hours drive of the shelter

🐾  Are going to be staying in your current place of residence for the next 6 months.

🐾  If you are renting, you have express written permission from your landlord that you are able to keep an animal on the premises

🐾  You have owned an animal before

🐾  You are at home for several hours a day

Fostering an animal from our shelter is a wonderfully rewarding experience. You are not only opening up your home & your heart, but you are opening up space in our shelter, to enable us to be able to take on more animals in need. More space at the shelter, means more animals off the street. More animals off the street = More potential for our animals to end up in the loving arms of a family.  


You will receive full support from us whilst on your fostering journey, to ensure that both you & your new furry friend are fully supported whilst adjusting to your new experience together. 

Morocco Animal Aid will equip you with all the necessary equipment & advice to make your time together as comfortable, safe & enjoyable as possible.

Fostering FAQs

I want to become a foster parent. How do I apply?
You can apply here.

I have never fostered an animal before. I am not sure what is required?
Once you have applied to become a foster parent, an MAA team member will be in contact to advise you of what is required.

I want to foster an animal, but I am not sure which one is most suited for me?
Once we have received your application, we will assess your living situation & we can suggest an animal that we think may be suitable for you.

I don’t have any equipment at home Eg. A leash. Can equipment be provided?
Yes. MAA will provide you with all the tools required to be able to support our animal’s stay with you..

I have fallen in love with my foster animal & would like to adopt him/her Is this possible?
Depending on the animal & whether or not they have already been adopted or not.. Yes this is a definite possibility.