Adoption testimonials

yogi & tamri adoption testimonials morocco animal aid

Name: Ellie 

Country: USA

Dawgydawgs: Yogi and Tamri

There are so many amazing, loving and unique dogs at MAA, I couldn’t fathom being able to pick just one to adopt. I wasn’t able to decide until I had left MAA and the memories with Yogi and Tamri kept replaying in my head. They are polar opposites, yet compliment each other perfectly. Yogi is an intelligent sweet baby angel, always sporting a smile. She still gently places her front paws on you to demand the love she deserves, like she did as a pup. Tamri is still a mischievous, big footed, doofus head. He has the cutest face. It is almost impossible to get mad at him for using his gangly legs to snatch food off the table. It has been an incredible experience seeing them adjust to an entirely different lifestyle with such curiosity and ease. I am such a lucky dog mom to have these two by my side.

stan adoption testimonials morocco animal aid

Name: Matti

Country: England

Dawgydawg: Stan

I remember the first day Stan came into the sanctuary. Dehydrated and mange ridden, scared of the other dogs he found comfort in sitting wherever I was. In late September 2018 we moved from Tamraght to Assersif, where my love for Stanley continued to grow, so much so that I moved him inside the Volunteer house and began sleeping on the couch with Stan by my feet. 

It was one of those mornings I woke up and had made up my mind, I was going to take him home. 6 months later, Stan was in the UK. 

He’s now fully settled at home in England, living in the countryside just south of the West Penine Moors.

fifi adoption testimonials morocco animal aid

Name: Jess 

Country: England

Dawgydawg: Fifi

I met Fifi in 2018 when I volunteered for Morocco Animal Aid. MAA had taken her in, alongside her sister Bella due to the shootings on the beach which left them without a mum. As vulnerable pups, MAA was able to provide the care and support in order for them both to grow into gentle and affectionate dogs. Ironically, despite being born and raised beside the sea, Fifi is certainly not a beach dog, she vehemently despises the sea. 

I adopted Fifi because I felt a connection with her unlike I had with any other dog. The kind and gentle, yet often sassy personality that she smothers you with is incomparable to that of any human I know, I would go as far to say that Fifi also knows how to love better than any human, she is my best friend. Despite her street dog roots, she fits perfectly into my family home and is undoubtedly one of the best life decisions I have made to date.

bella adoption testimonials morocco animal aid

Name: Sophie

Country: Morocco

Dawgydawg: Bella

They say that dogs choose their humans, and mine and Bella’s story is no exception. I’d always said I would adopt a dog, and once I had made the decision, I met my Bella. I was visiting Lucy to deliver some donations with a friend, and it was literally love at first sight. She was rescued from Taghazout with her sister FiFi, and named ‘Wahida’ (meaning ‘the one’ in Arabic) by Lucy and the amazing volunteers who took care of her at MAA. They were so supportive through the whole adoption process – I got to visit Bella at MAA, joined on their afternoon walks and would pop by as much as I could. It gave me the chance to develop a wonderful bond with her and to feel confident that she was the right fit for me and my family.

Since then, she has become such a big presence and special part of our family, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.


grampa adoption testimonials morocco animal aid

Name: Clodagh

Country: Ireland

Dawgydawg: Grampa

When I was going to Morocco to spend 5 weeks volunteering at MAA in June 2019, I imagined myself falling in love with a big dog. One I could go hiking with in the mountains. Instead I fell in love with one of MAA’s smallest dogs… Grandpa. A 3 legged King Charles Cavalier! Grandpa is so special. A total snugglebug & the cutest little guy ever. It was totally worth the 6 month wait & the stress & worry about bringing him home to Ireland. Everything went smoothly, my Jack Russell Buzz accepted him straight away & Grandpa doesn’t even mind the cold weather! He brings me smiles, cuddles & melts my heart every day. I’m so happy he is here in Ireland with me forever. I love watching him run in the garden, he is so fast & even walks faster than my 4 legged Jack Russell! If you are thinking of adopting a dog from MAA do it… it’s so rewarding… I can’t imagine life without him now!

Name: Breanna

Country: Canada

Dawgydawg: Juno

We came across Juno through a local rescue called Lost Boys Hope, here in Ontario. I had scrolled past Juno several times, (because we were originally looking for a smaller dog) and finally after a few weeks of looking at other dogs, something made me go back to Juno. 

Once we adopted her, she settled right in. She was & still is the most loving and loyal doggo! One thing we love about her, is how crazy & wild she gets when she’s running around, but yet she will still chill right out & relax when she’s inside. She’s great with kids & other animals and it turns out that she loves the snow! From the desert to the snow! 

The best thing we did was adopt a dog. It was even better that she is from Morocco! She brought Lucy & I together, who I now consider a very good friend.


Name: Marilina

Country: Portugal

Dawgydawg: Noa

Noa found her way to me as a puppy & despite my attempts to resist her, I fell in love with her. I had no plans to adopt a dog, but when I learnt there was a possibility, she could be shot in the street shootings, I made the final decision to adopt her & adopt her through MAA.

MAA took in Noa as their own helped me with every stage of the adoption process & bought her home to me. Everyday Noa shows us how smart, brave, stubborn & full of love she is. Noa has conquered our hearts. Even the ones that were reluctant when she first arrived. Owning a rescue is special. You need patience, time, love & kindness. Noa is my best friend. She makes me laugh, play, hike, shout. I feel safe and loved with her and she is safe and loved with me. It was the best decision ever to take her with me, my Moroccan princess. I am very grateful for all the volunteers that helped me through this process, Noa wouldn’t be here with us now if it wasn’t for them.


Name: Veera

Country: Finland

Dawgydawg: Simi

After volunteering for a while at MAA, I realized that amongst all the lovely dogs in the shelter, I just couldn’t stop watching one. To me, Simi was such an interesting, funny little soul & I just wanted to get to know this little girl. We had cuddles every day & when I would call her she would run to me from the back of the garden with her funny ears pointing right up to the sky. She’s really stolen my heart. I promised to take good care of her & give her a loving home. With me. Simi is such a funny girl & the best companion to continue exploring life with!

Name: Laura

Country: Germany

Dawgydawgs: Luna & Paola

My boyfriend & I decided to adopt Luna when a friend of mine volunteered with Fanny, posted about her & the puppie’s sisters. We planned to get a dog together & we really wanted to do something good. The photo of Luna came just at the right time… When we got Luna from Paris, we actually only wanted to bring Paola to a foster family in Germany, but she stayed only one week with them. We realized quickly that something would be missing without her. That Luna & Paola are just the perfect team. Now it’s the four of us &  we couldn’t be happier! Living with 2 dogs never gets boring!